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What will corona 🦠 do to Christmas? What if Santa 🎅 gets sick 😷?

What will the pandemic do to Christmas? Will the folks at the North Pole decide to cancel Christmas? Will there even be Christmas this year?

Will there be shortages of toys? Will there even be gifts for all the kids?

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    Christmas isn't canceled! No matter what happens. Even if you can't see your friends or family, or go anywhere, you can make it fun at home! Do crafts, watch movies, talk to people online. Santa lives in the North Pole, so he's going to be fine. Only you get to decide how magical Christmas is, though. SO make it a good one! It may be odd this year, but it will still be good.

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    I'm on the naughty list anyway does not make a difference to me

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    The good news is that many people will receive the true gift of Christmas, which is our Savior, Jesus Christ.  When times are hard, people look to the Lord for answers.  Some will start reading their Bibles and find out the truth and rejoice that they can be spared from an  eternal hell by simply putting their faith in Jesus and following Him.  

    P.S.  There will probably be plenty of toys for the kids.  Everyone will be doing their shopping on-line. 

    Source(s): The New Testament (recommended reading)
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    1 month ago

    There will be no Christmas this year. For every man woman and child in the world this Christmas will be like Christmas in combat for a soldier. There will be remote religious services but churches will be closed because of the virus. There will be no way to visit family except by phone. You will not know who will live and die during that time of the year just like fellow soldiers in combat. The disease will not take a day off just like Warren does not take a day off. Even war sometimes has a Christmas Cease-Fire, there will be no Ceasefire  with the coronavirus.


    This will be the darkest most tragic most horrifying holiday season since black death hundreds of years ago.  There will be no Christmas this year and likely no Christmas the following year.  Santa and the holiday season will probably return by the year 2022 or 2023. Until then there will be no Christmas and no summer vacation and no joy on the planet earth.  It’s a dark, dark, dark time to be a human.  

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