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My sister has Crohn’s disease but does this give her the right to be verbally abusive to the rest of the family?

Our mom makes excuses for her indicating it’s somethings she can’t control because it’s her Crohn’s disease. However my sister did this before she had Crohn’s and back then my mothers excuse for her was that it was her ADHD.  


So as terrible as Crohn’s is does it give the patient the right to lash out at others?

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    I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 20

    The best way I can describe it is that it's like having the worst menstrual pain and unrelenting diarrhoea all at once ... It is exhausting. 

    Often I just wanted to be on my own - it was easier

    It impacted on every aspect of my life - work, relationships, friendships... 

    Having a chronic illness does change your resilience, patience, ability to put up with BS ...It can make you feel angry & negative if you don't deal with it. But it doesn't change your ability to be kind. 

    Anger requires a lot of energy - energy that your sister would be better off utilising elsewhere. Speak to her in a calm quiet moment (when she's not angry) let her know that you are concerned for her, that you care & that you are there for her. 

    Let her know that you don't fully understand what she is going through or how she feels but that you need her to stop yelling/putting people down, focus on getting well and when she feels better about herself she might find being nice comes more easily. 

    Good luck 

    (PS - For what it's worth...I'm 50 now..  Accupuncture worked for me. I still have good and bad days but mostly I am great. ) 

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    Er, no, obviously not.

    Crohn's affects the digestive tract, not the personality / mind. 

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    It does not give people a right to lash out, though it definitely is PAINFUL, causes mental fatigue and confusion (lack of nutrients, pain, etc.), and I'd understand someone with that condition lashing out. I'd try to help them. Maybe she already had pain before developing it.

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