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What is the best way to have a family gathering where conflicts between two feuding relatives do not start at the gathering?

It won't be right now due to COVID-19 but I am thinking of doing some sort of gathering next year in the summer or Christmas of 2021. I am sure the rest of this year wont' be possible because of the virus. 


If I did I get things like an aunt that won't come if her daughter and sister are there. A cousin (that daughter) who won't show up because her mother might be there. A set of cousins who won't come if I don't ask their mother (uncle's ex-wife) but a grandmother who wouldn't dare come if uncle's ex-wife is welcomed. A mother who will only come grudgingly if I ask her aunt who she feels has bad etiquette. Also a sister who won't come if I am there but will tell all my cousins how bad she thinks I am and spread lies about me. 


So long story short it may not work out. What is the best way though to have a family gathering where this may work with these ridiculous grudges people hold? Or is it a fantasy that one would work? It would be about 30 people in park where there is a summer concert series on normal years when there is no Coronavirus. I do one there every year with my Dad's side of the family and it works out great. They don't have any feuding though as everyone gets along fine with any conflicts brief and quickly resolved. My mother's side is different. You are in or you are out and nothing else. 


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    Don’t have one.  Seriously, though, invite everyone, and those who don’t want to come don’t have to.  Maybe the rest of you will have a better time without the drama.

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