Should a person go to college if they're unsure what career path they want?

I see a lot of posts online that say things like taking a gap year is bad because you'll mess your life up/never make enough to live on your own, tuition increases, your career is at a later start, the longer you wait the less likely you'll go, the first two years are solely general eds/you can change your major, etc. There's a lot of pressure to attend college as a high school senior.

...But there's also people who say it's a good idea to work for a year or two to see what jobs you can get/gain experience, save money, determine what you need to do to become qualified for the occupation you want, it's not a wise idea to go undecided because credits won't transfer if you change degrees, etc.

In general, if a person is undecided is it a good idea to attend college anyways to get a head start? Or should you decide what you want to do for a living first?

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  • John
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    5 months ago
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    If a person is fairly sure he wants the kind of career which requires a college degree, its a good idea to start.  Since the first 2 years of college are mostly general education courses, one has 2 years to decide on a specific career..  If that person cannot decide between such a career or working in the trades, for example, its often better to delay starting college.

  • drip
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    5 months ago

    In the USA? Most of your first two years is taking general education classes. You are not changing degrees, you are an undergrad studying for a Bachelor degree. You are declaring a major. You may find once you declare a major there may be a few prerequisite classes you need to take. If you feel you may want to go into the STEM majors then gear your gen eds towards that. You are not transferring credits when you are staying at the same university.  Even if you start out at a community college most of your gen ed credit will  transfer. You could find some do not. You could find if you had take a chemistry class at the CC and you de clear a chemistry major, that credit won’t transfer And you will need to take all chemistry classes at the university. 

    Getting a job and gaining experience. Chances are you will end up with a Retail job. Restaurant. Factory work.  You will be getting experience of what it is like to work 40 hours per week. But you won’t be getting experience in a professional field. It is good to save up money. 

    You need to think if you want an academic path. There are many two year career programs at a community college. And many CC offer very good trade programs.  Perhaps get a meeting at your local CC as soon as you feel it is safe. Take a tour of the campus. See what they have to offer. You do have options other than a Bachelor degree. But you do need some kinds of education or training above a HS diploma. 

    You could also work full time and still take a class or two at your CC. Keep yourself in the academic loop. Take a basic English or math class.

  • Murzy
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    5 months ago

    Start with general subjects.

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