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What is contact tracing?

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    It is finding out where you got the Coronavirus from. When I got it we tracked it to a funeral I had attended where apparently 31 people got it (it was on the news even). Were it not for the contact tracing I would have still known because the family put something out to everyone there and I am sort of related though not actual family (it was my cousins' grandfather on the other side of their family). However, I informed the contact tracer of everywhere I had been between the funeral and getting sick 11 days later. Grocery store, church, cousin Kevin's house, another funeral actually (a wake for a neighbor), work, and picking my sister's kids up from school for her (schools hadn't closed yet). THANK GOD for the tracing as they were able to notify 3 people who got it at the wake I went to for the neighbor who I would not have known to tell. My Dad got it (lives with me and was at the funerals with me), and my sister's father-in-law got it and may have through me since I dropped the kids off to him. 


    Naturally I felt terrible I gave it to all those people. Thankfully no one died of the ones I gave it to but I keep worrying regarding who they gave it to. One person who got it at the first funeral I caught it at has apparently died though (no one I knew) and another died last week from a heart attack possibly from declining health since catching it at the funeral (just a theory and I knew that person). 

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