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Is it normal what I feel?

Before my current boyfriend I was single for 3 years after calling off my engagement and I was okay with it and living almost normally and didn't consider going through another relationship.

When I met my bf I wasn't talking it seriously and didn't care if he call or not or if we met or not until we went deeper and now I always feel lonely when he don't call and sad all the time because I am not getting what I want from him.

I started to have feelings for him and I need him all the time.. I am not sure if it's normal or not to want someone to be around all the time.

I haven't seen him for almost 2 weeks only phone calls and video calls.

I was fine to be single before him and now I am this crazy sad person who stays for hours next to my phone waiting for him to call or wait for him to ask me out.

Am I a clingy crazy girl or it is normal what I am going through! 

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    You sound depressed to me.  Maybe see your doctor.  It's not normal is it to sit for hours by the phone waiting for it to ring.  That's depression.  He'll prescribe medication to dig you out of that hole and perhaps some counselling.  Maybe you have un-shed emotional baggage from your previous relationship.  Try and fill your days with things to do.  Join a gym.  Go to classes of some sort.  Volunteer to help people.....charities ALWAYS need extra helping hands.  It doesn't have to be full time.  Fit it in with your normal working day.  Give your mind other things to think about than this guy.  If you are depressed you are probably clingy which isn't very attractive.  Once you are back to normal you may feel differently, or maybe you won't - but you will have a far better idea of how to deal with things than you do at the moment.  You'll also be a more attractive and interesting prospect than this sad little clingy sack that you are now.  Good luck.  Get some medical advice about it.

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    It's normal for someone inexperienced and in the throes of an infatuation/obsession like you are. But your English grammar is simply awful.

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    i feel the same way. at least he exchanges words with u in an orderly fashion. i think its okay. Im in a similar situation, but i dont have a boyfriend. By the time i want to tell him , all hope is destroyed. I guess you really want love from him. If he has called u his gf, there miht be a chance. But most likely u will drown in ur tears. waiting is worse than fallin in love . But the fact he is your boyfriend, is a positive step. I have not heard some say he is my bf for many many years.. but maybe ask if u guys can meet. If he says no then time to die in the sleep

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