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doesnt having a daughter ad still looking like her sister make u more attractive to men?

say  u had a small age gap.



but u looked youthful..


i noticed some girls around my age. and the daughters are so cute and matching but she looks really fit for bein a mother.

im not talking the botox stuff.

but some asians even 45 looking young for their age.

like i still call her my sister. 

my older cousins one of them is looking young. but the other not so much. but their kids are still under 5. 

Update 2:

so im sayin in the age gap i described

Not 16 rofl Im not promoting that.

Update 3:

like her daughter is going to college and she looks youner than me. and she born like 1976 or somethig. its her second kid but if i didnt kow her age i would have thouht she is teenager .

Update 4:

ps not every girl can pull it off

i think just some ar more lucky than others. ( like without surgery)

Update 5:

even in pakistani drama. the dude married the mom but was supposed to marry the daughter rofl xD

so confusing. but the lady was like may husband dead for 18 years. im never love again.

the dude was like 32 and the daughter was 18 so the mother was oder than him but it was just funny.

even i got confused. thats her daughter? wth. 

Update 6:

sorry i just find it ammusing. i love mother daughter photos  esoecually as a baby in that just gettingflashbacks. i had like 100 pics of even native americans carrying the baby. please dont misunderstand thanks.

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