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Should you pay a collection agency or pay the hospital directly?

I noticed that my hospital bill was reduced by $1,200 after I started receiving calls from a collection agency. I make a payment each month on the medical bills. I wonder if I don't pay through the collection agency if they will increase the bill back to the original amount.  

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    Contact the hospital to see if they have actually reduced the amount and if they have sold the debt.

    If the debt was sold, you owe the collection agent the money.

    If the collection agency is acting for the hospital, then you can pay either one in theory. The hospital could be using the collection agency to handle accounts that are slow payers.

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    Always refuse to pay a collection agency, Always ! 

    In most states you can take payment directly to a creditor, if they refuse payment the amount you offered to PAY ( YOU MAY HAVE TO PROVE IT IT COURT)  THE BILL IS PAID. 

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    Ive never heard of a bill being reduced like that. When I worked at a collection agency 30+ years ago briefly, we got our cut no matter how the person paid.

    So we would hammer them, they would refuse to pay us or make arrangements but they did pay the hospital or JC Penny or whoever. So their payments showed up on our screen either way.

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