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How do I explain to my children that there is no Santa Claus and do I do it now or wait for December?

This Christmas they cannot be spoiled by me as they have been the past 8 years. I am out of work and my husband left me in February for his secretary. I refuse to let the kids around him or his family for what he did and so they aren't going to have the Santa gifts his mother used to leave. Meanwhile my Mom will help some but I will have nothing to give them.My 6 year old has already been writing to Santa asking him to punish her Dad for being a bad Dad but to bring us a new Dad. I can't date this soon. Meanwhile, gift wise they are not talking about it yet but come Christmas they are going to want lots of gifts. I cannot give that this year. They will all get probably 3 things and they will be from my mother. I don't want them to be devastated Christmas morning by this so I feel I need to tell them now.


How do I explain Santa is not real and only for family's who can afford lots of gifts? They have lost their classmates (having to do school from home), they lost their father and paternal grandmother this year to our divorce thanks to their father's lust, they also lost my father to cancer in January. 2020 has been the worst of the worst. Plus my now ex-husband's older nephew committed suicide also in January. They only knew him a little but still were frightened by it. Sadly that is when I discovered my exes cheating (he was sending his slut lover texts about it when we left for the funeral)

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    You are thinking way too big.  Think small - inexpensive.  One thing we got in our stockings every year was the most beautiful, shiny, perfect apple.  I looked forward to it.  Don't tell them there's no Santa.  That would be cruel.  They will figure out soon enough that Santa lives in our hearts and doesn't really land on the roof and come down the chimney.  Put a note into each stocking explaining how there are shortages because the elves have to social distance, so they are not able to produce as much as they did other years.  Then say Merry Christmas, love from Santa - signed by Santa.

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    Rip it that crap off fast like foreskin.

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    I do not think you should lie to your children and say there is a jolly fat man who delivers gifts to children.  When they now can see the children in third world nations starving.  Children are not stupid today and by the age of 4 have computers.  Even as a child I wondered why Santa gave more expensive gifts to rich kids.  

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    I am hoping your post is indeed truthful and honest.  So, I am going with that in mind.

    Here are some suggestions from me:

    1.  Look for your local Salvation Army, Good Neighbors- any group that does charity work.  Ask about getting on their list for Christmas.   If you qualify, someone will help your family with gifts and food.  They may not be the big computer game stuff- but you may be able to put some gifts under the tree- clothes and toys.

    2.  If you belong to a church, ask there, too.  You may be able to get a Christmas basket-- usually with food.   So, there will be a special meal for everyone to celebrate.

    3.  Ask your kids early for lists.  Tell them, Santa may not be able to bring a lot of stuff this year-  he's been busy and there are a lot of families who need his help because of the virus and other things going on in the world.

    4.  Look for 'free' things- some organizations will have family-free and safe events to attend- like a movie showing with popcorn and treats.  Libraries have a lot of free events- some will be virtual.  Our library has virtual events but also provides take and make craft kits.  That may be a fun family thing to do together.

    5. Set aside time to go look at the lights.  My dad took us around in the station wagon when we were kids in the 60s.  We thought it was cool.  When we got home we had hot chocolate and some home made Christmas cookies.   We still talk about that- and we are all in our 60s now.  

    6. Have your kids (and you) do something for others- like make Christmas cards for those in nursing homes or for veterans.  All you need is some construction paper, crayons and some creativity. Believe it or not, there are other people worse off than you.

    7.  Your message reveals a lot of stress.  Seek out some help.  The United Way offers counseling- often free or on a sliding scale.  You can also call many of the free hotlines. NAMI- (National Alliance on Mental Health) can help. I am including a link- don't be afraid to call:

    Good luck. I hope you can have a fun, peaceful holiday with your kids.

    You deserve it.   

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    But you should be aware that there are many ways to celebrate Christmas which is the birthday of CHRIST JESUS. How about researching some volunteer opportunities in your area that you and the kids can do on Christmas

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    Just tell them Santa got sick with the virus this year and because he is so old he cannot risk coming or getting the elves sick who might bring it back to him. 

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    Wait until christmas Eve. That way you don't have to buy any presents.

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