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What are they thinking?

 These cities that are seeing nightly riots...Chicago...New York...Portland...etc...

They have been run/controlled by elected liberals for decades. With what's going on...How can the voters today elect ANYONE running on a democrat ticket?

 WHY would they?

 And don't the current elected officials understand that letting this chaos continue that their voters are being killed?

 With most local elections determined by a small margin. Sometimes only a couple of votes. When a liberal city is  losing hundreds to thousands of possible voters a month how do they expect to stay in office?

 And how do they blame Trump for all the killings and mayhem when it's the local state and city governments that are responsible for maintaining law and order?

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  • New York is not destroy. There are republicans in New York City. Portland was unnecessary.

    I agree with Chicago with high crime rates 

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