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Is natural selection real in humans? Or just animals? ?

If so can I get some examples of natural selection occurring with humans too not just animals.

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    Look for articles from the New York Times from about 2010 regarding the lungs of the Sherpa mountain guides living on the lower slopes of Mt. Everest.  Their lungs have adapted to be more efficient in a thinner atmosphere.

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    2 months ago

    Human evolution is still happening – possibly faster than ever

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    Human history is too small to compare REAL Natural Selection !

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    Here's one, sickle cell anemia. You'd think that this would be selected against and wiped from the population and it is - - in temperate and polar climates. However, in tropical and subtropical climates, it is selected for because the sickle-shaped cells are resistant to the malarial parasite, which kills more people and does so earlier in life.

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    Arranged marriages.

  • Zirp
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    Not much other than what hcbiochem said. Natural selection means that individuals with some genetic trait don't get to reproduce as much as others - either because they die young or because nobody mates with them.

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    Of course natural selection has operated (and certainly continues to operate) on humans. A few specific examples are:

    The ability to consume milk after weaning (lactase persistence) was selected for in certain populations.Lighter skin pigmentation was selected for in regions of lower sun intensity.Decreases in the number of olfactory receptors (the ability to smell) were not selected against as humans depended less on the sense of smell.The presence of the sickle cell hemoglobin allele (and several others) were selected for as they reduce the impact of malaria.The shape of the hand and the opposable thumb, and the loss of grasping ability of feet were selected for as part of bipedalism.

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    natural selection, evolution, occurs very slowly, takes thousands of years for any effect to be seen.  Some have said that natural selection in humans stopped with the advent of modern medicine. 

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