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I have a 6s plus running on iOS 13.6 it says storage is full 31.9 Gb of 32 used. And on my photo app it says restore from iCloud paused not enough storage space   But I deleted a few apps and music files. What can I do to creat more storage space 

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  • 1 month ago
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    The smart thing to do is dump everything on your phone that you no longer need or use.  Do a full iTunes backup, copy or rename the backup file so it does not get overwritten.

    Then and only then, delete all cache, temp files, video, text, emails, pictures and music, that you don't want on the phone. 

    Then when restoring things to the phone, ONLY add those things that you actually want on the phone.

    Also a good idea would be to buy an external hard drive, 1 to 5 TB drives are pretty cheap these days. And use this to off load all your restore backups, and to drag and drop from music, images, video from the phone to folders on the hard drive. You will be able to store many years worth of data, that your phones or cloud storage Could never handle without first deleting things to make room for other things. 

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