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is it okay for my partner to ask me to stop smoking? ?

Im going to be as transparent as possible in order to get a good answer. Here it goes... my partner and I started dating around 8 months ago. Through all of our pre relationship stages, I smoked weed pretty often. When I lost connection to my smoking buddies and 70% of my friends (a whole other story) I stopped. mostly because I didnt have anyone to smoke with (my partner doesn’t smoke) I knew that they didn’t like marijuana but I had also been transparent about it since the day we first met. when I was invited to a kickback, I took an edible with a friend and came back home high. my partner was so upset they slept on the couch that night. since then i’ve avoided smoking not because of lack of friends or access but because I was afraid of upsetting my partner.

 recently i’ve moved back in with my parents and have more access to smoking. I dont drink, Ive been bored  and frankly, pretty anxious. my partner knows I have more access down here and has specifically asked me not to smoke weed because of a family members drug addiction that’s affescted her life greatly. Am I wrong to be resentful? can I smoke and just lie about it ? 

ready to take any criticism. Thanks! 

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    It's perfectly ok for them to ask, it is also perfectly ok for you to say no to stopping too.

    I wouldnt lie about it, it's just too much a*** ache. If this is such a deal breaker for them, and you, it's best to call it a day.

    You are an adult, who wishes to smoke, you shouldn't need to hide it (frankly you wont be able to hide it anyway)

    They in turn have the right to a partner who doesnt imbibe.

    Neither of you are wrong. You just may not be as compatible as you hoped

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    If you are ever with her again, you cannot smoke or even edibles where she will see you high. You have to learn, to limit the intake, limit to just being a little mellow so she does mot know, If you have no real reason to do it at all, stop it all together.  You can do what you want right now since you are not near her. BTW, is she worth all of this BS?

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