Is a guy who pretends to be soft spoken and sweet, and then coldly tells you. Goodbye. I need exciting Girl only? is this person insane?


because i didnt sex chat him he sid that..So confused.

Update 2:

and i also insulted his sister after he tried to be smart with me.

He and his sister are true villains COMPLETE.

I only said that after he accuse me.

Update 3:

im not a virgin , but i got a tighter pussy than her. and 100 percent less experience. He has no right to talk about that.

Update 4:

no he insutls me thats why he said bad thing.

thats why

Update 5:

he didnt just stop with the boring part. he went on to insult my pussy.

Update 6:

mind you he was really sweet moments prior so it was completly awful

Update 7:

like overly sweet sweet. thats why im questioning his sanity..

Update 8:

i dont know what is up with these type of men. WHy be overly sweet an carig, and then next minute insult someone privates?

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