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What do i do if a man asked for a hug and i felt my boob squish when we hugged?

Its so embarassing. Did he do that on purpose? Did he huge me to feel my boob squish against his belly?

Im slow cause in the moment i thouht he was being affectionate but now that i remember my tittie was squished im wondering if he felt it too?

Cause thats perverted! He basically touched my boob you guys right?

How do i act next time i see him? I feel like i basically almost slept with him ew. And yes he is attracted to me because he gives tons of other hints he wants me.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You need help with your sensitivities.

    How you are projecting your issues onto me, I mean men......🤔

    Common amongst the emotional issues of WOMEN.

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