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Should I go to the doctor?

I’ve had a fever of 102 for three days. It fluctuates so sometimes I’m at 98 or 99 and feel fine and then an hour later I’m at 102. The highest I’ve gotten was 102.3. I mostly have the chills and I’ve taken some Advil but it hasn’t really been working. When I’m at 102 I can barely stand up. I assume I have the coronavirus but I’m not sure. I have a cough but it only gets bad when my temperature increases

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    Follow the tips:

    Four glasses of warm water with lemon juice in every day.

    Drink tea with small piece of ginger.

    Gurgle with warm water.

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    You ask to be tested for Covid, if you have it you will spread it at the Doctors.

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    Those are not coronavirus symptoms.  You must factor in how hot is it there, where you live.  Call your doctor and follow their advice concerning going out.  Also Tylenol is a fever reducer that will help to relieve muscle related contaminants.  Advil helps with neurological contaminants.  The coronavirus affects the sinus and the liver.  Your symptoms are more like related to your thyroid region.  Essential oils of cedar will strengthen your thyroid if you rub it on your throat.  Don't forget to contact your doctor or the advice nurse at you local hospital. 

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