When women have small breasts they don't normally wear bras so why do cross-dressers with no breasts think a bra will work for them?

Like feminine boys/androgynous guys can be really attractive...BUT once you throw on that wig or attempt to wear a bra, you just look ridiculous no matter who you are and for the love of God can obese men stop thinking their sexy in panties! Us girls get criticized for it so why should these men with more rolls than pecker get away with it, its just creepy no offense.


How is this homophobic and I'm criticizing wearing clothes that clearly don't fit nor look good, take your 'Everyone has a bikini body' fat acceptance delusion to the gym once in a while.

Update 2:

Just because you disagree with what I asked doesn't mean I'm trolling.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Just because you put a rant in the form of a question doesn't not make it a rant.

    And maybe it's best for you to stay off parts of the internet that sexualises this kind of stuff.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If this were a real legitimate rant, I'd answer with the following: 'That you came onto YA to complain says a lot about how shallow you are.  If someone chooses to wear 'feminine' garments, that's their business...not yours.  Get over it and stop being so damned homophobic.  Its just a piece of clothing, and here you are having a meltdown like a little bitter snowflake.'  BTW, time to get a new hobby, you are not very good at trolling.

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