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Since Black "leaders and celebrities" are demanding Joe Biden select a Black female as his running mate, will they ALSO  demand an end to ?

Black on Black GENOCIDE in Democrat controlled cities?

What are Karen Ross thoughts on the the Drug Dealing gangstas'?


oops, Karen Bass!

I must have mistaken her for Betsy Ross!

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    No, they don’t care. That’s why they are letting their black residents kill each other. Most abortion clinics are located in minority areas. In the last 50 years 22.5 million unborn black babies were aborted. It’s all about power and money to the left. And some of the worst offenders are black politicians and so called community activists. Follow the money. Where there’s money and notoriety to be made,

    they’ll be there. 

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    1 month ago

    No, of course not.

    But BIDEN already said he would apply Affirmative Action to the VP choice, which by the way is determined by the DNC Bosses not him.

    He being from a Slave State and having prior Segregation leanings, means the DNC Must select a Non-seat holder* (Non-Legislature) from the North

    *seats held by Democrats are too precious to give away nor risk in an election, now.

    Biden when he was selected for VP was useless in the Senate, and being from a Slave State was ideal to balance Obama (a Chicago Machine Politician)

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    Nobody is "demanding" anything there pal. Joe is in charge and he doesn't pass the buck like a certain man child you currently have a crush on. 

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