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What should I call this job on my resume?

I work in a restaurant. I work wherever they need me. This means I could be hosting, waiting, bussing, dishwashing, or doing some line cooking at any point in the shift. What should I put as my job title?

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    You put down what you were hired as unless you've had an official job change. If you were hired as a hostess that is what you put down. If you were hired as a busboy or dishwasher that is what you put down. Your manager is going to be asked the same question when they inquire into your job references. If you are a hostess and you claim to be waitress he is going to say, no, she gets water when the waitresses are busy and make you look like you are inflating your worth. If you are a hostess and you are to get water, bus tables and fill in for the dishwasher say so, but stick to your primary duties and a side mention to your extra-when-its-really-busy-duties-and-all-the-tables-are-full duties.

  • Multiple Positions (and then explain what they were and why).

  • 2 months ago

    I would suggest whatever best fits the job that you're applying for.

    It's better to have a resume tailored to the position you're applying for than a general resume you send out.

    If you're applying for a waiting position, use that, if you're applying for a hostess position, put that. You can list your various skills under the job title, but most resumes get skimmed, not read.

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    Don't put fast food worker, ignore that idiot, as if fast food has bussers and waiters... Put general assistant and in the box underneath asking what it involves, there usually is, then list what you do like you just have.

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  • 2 months ago

    Fast food worker should do it.  They know you cross-train at many jobs inside the restaurant industry.

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