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Was this a phase maybe? Please mature answers. ?

me and my boyfriend of 9 years broke up. I didn't act in a relationship with him for 6 months I was done I didn't feel attracted to him I didn't feel I loved him no sex I wouldn't say I love you back. He did try constantly but I shut it down. I felt like i wanted something new. I have been recently diagnosed with depression.. Finally one day he said he wanted to leave me he cried? He doesn't show emotions at all he doesn't communicate well. This argument went on for 2 weeks. I threw him out because why would he stay even though he wanted to break up. He doesnt leave the house other for work and I drive him. Well he called me 5 days later crying his eyes out saying he will do anything to come back. He said he slept with someone else when I threw him out and it wasnt the same he went on a rant about how perfect I was and he doesnt want to let me down he wants to take care of me. It seem sincere. I let him come home its been 3 months and he has changed drastically. I feel like I have my feelings back for him. At the time I didnt care he slept with someone now I'm sad about it. He told me it was because I pretty much broke up with him for months. Which I agree it was like we weren't together. Does it sound like this is sincere? He lost a bunch of weight but he did and he wasn't talking to anyone at work. My father works with him. He told me he would go into the closet and cry and he said he's never felt emotions like this before. We both have stepped up in our relationship. 


He said he didn't even get off with this girl but I feel as if that is a straight up lie but he didn't even have to tell me he slept with someone else. So I do think that is a sign of regret maybe? 

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    If he cried that much and lost a lot of weight, I'd say that it is definitely a sign of regret. You threw him out and so he turned to someone else temporarily which he did because he thought you no longer cared, but I would not refer to it as a phase. Seems like he has truly changed so let it go and be happy it turned out this way!

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