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How should I pack for my trip?

My one year old and I are going on a 4 day trip and I need to pack A LOT of things but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to pack it all. I bought myself a luggage that you can wheel and I was going to pack all my stuff in that luggage and pack another bag/luggage for my son since I want to pack all my clothes and toothbrush and laptop so I’ll probably not have any room for my sons stuff. For my son I need to pack some toys that he can play with on the plane, bottles, pediasure (that’s all he eats), his clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. I obviously need to pack the diapers, wipes, bottles and pediasure in my carry on luggage so I can change/feed him on the plane. I also want to get a portable DVD player so I can turn on cartoons for him to watch to keep him entertained during the flight. So should I bring a carry on bag of his stuff so I have that on the plane and my stuff can go with all the other luggage’s in the back of the plane? I don’t know how I’ll pack all my stuff because I got my clothes, his clothes, diapers, bottles, pediasure, his toys, etc and don’t know how I’ll fit all that. Should I pack his diaper bag full of just diapers, wipes, toys, etc and get another bag for only his clothes and the other stuff? That’ll be 3 bags altogether because I got my luggage, his diaper bAg, and his luggage for clothes. 

It’s just going to be me and my son so I won’t have anyone to help me. 

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    Limit toys to YOUR cellphone and your REAL keyring. They know toy keys and cellphones, and they WON'T work. Other than THAT, follow BLACKGRUMPYCAT- throw out the junk you don't need. Wear the same jeans TWICE, no one will notice. PS cellphone IS a DVD player if you put cartoons on a micro SD chip.

    And listen to TAVY too!

    EDIT: and MS. Good advice!

  • 1 month ago

    Really?  If you have hold luggage, how on earth are you going to fill it for a 4 day trip?  You really need to look at what you are taking and whether you actually need it.  I went on a trip for a week with my partner (2 adults) and we put everything in the one case.  Yes, you need certain things for your son, but do you need to take everything?  Can you not buy nappies and food where you are going?  That way, you only need to take enough for the flight day and buy on arrival.

    Have a practice pack and take a good look and see what you can discard.

  • Tavy
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    How long is the plane journey? Surely you can buy diapers when you get there.

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