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Flying solo to AZ from NY in November and I have a 1hr layover in Chicago will I have enough time to get to my next gate w/o getting lost..?

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  • drip
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    Your biggest concern is the plane arriving on time.  If you flight is delayed, make sure to tell the airline attendants you have a connecting flight. 

    If you are flying on the same airline, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

    I fly out of O’Hare. Everything is clearly marked. You can read the map while on the plane for the layout of O’Hare. You can pull up a map on line now.  You can ask the flight attendant  for directions before you disembark.

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    A one hour layover should give you plenty of time IF the flight going into Chicago is on time. Airline delays are very common and 1 hour for the layover is cutting it a little short for that reason but it should be fine. Just pay attention to the signs in the airport, you shouldn't get lost.

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    While in-flight, look at the in-flight magazine.  Besides travel-related articles, it also has diagrams of your layover airport showing gate number, terminal names, connectors, etc.  Figure out which gate you arrive at; usually a flight attendant will announce that shortly before landing.  If the gate is reassigned, the pilot will announce the change or an agent inside the airport will announce the change.  (Hint:  Just pay attention!)

    Look at your connecting flight's boarding information.  It gives the terminal and gate number the departure is from.  Don't be confused about that flight's arrival information (yet).  Look at the magazine's diagram and figure out what you'll need to do.  Do you turn right or left out of the gate?  Go to another terminal?  Rarely will it be necessary to go through TSA again (except at London Heathrow—that airport is truly the work of crazies).  Once you have the layout in mind, it is easy to traverse with the combination of that knowledge and the airport's signage which children can easily read and interpret.

    The "arrival time" of a flight is the expected time the cabin door is opened to let passengers egress.  The departure time is when the cabin door is closed and may be some time (10 minutes to as many as 40) before "wheels up".

    If you arrive in the last rows of the plane, it can take 5-10 minutes to get out of most models of plane as people look around and gather their extensive luggage, handbags, jackets, struggle to stand up, etc.  Don't sweat:  Those few minutes of delay likely won't cause trouble.

    There will be numerous airline personnel around.  If in doubt, ask one of them something like "How to get to terminal J?"  ORD is easy to figure out, but some airports (like Seattle) require taking an underground tram between terminals, or Orlando which has "people movers".

    Best advice:  go directly from your arriving flight to your departing flight's gate.  Once you have confirmed that is where the flight will be, then there is time to decide on what to do.  Maybe you'll just sit there and wait.  Or if you saw an interesting attraction on the way to the gate, that might be a good time to check it out—but not until you have verified the departure gate.  Flights occasionally are reassigned gates (for dozens of reasons:  ramp broken, broken aircraft couldn't move, weather issues, broken water pipe, etc.)  If you wander off, be back at least ten minutes before gate time.  Maybe 15 or 20 if there are a lot of passengers boarding.

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    You should have plenty of time to get to your next gate if the first plane is on time.

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    One hour layover should be more than adequate to get to from one flight to another with time to spare. (Maybe enough time to grab something to eat too.)

    If you are worried about getting lost, go online and check out the layout of the layover airport. When you are there, check the boards on where you need to go and look at the posted maps of the airport. (This is what I did when I was stuck in St. Louis.)

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    no need to worry

    just look at the overhead monitors

    for the check-in and gate number

  • Daniel
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    5 months ago

    If the airline let you book that, then they think it is doable.  Delta will often sell tickets with 35-40 minute connection times at their hubs.  

    Unless you are connecting to or from the international terminal, an hour is more than enough time to get from one gate to another at O'Hare on the same airline or with partner airlines and definitely enough time at Midway, so long as your first flight isn't too late.  

    There are plenty of signs at the airport.  The concourses are lettered and the gates are numbered sequentially.  There are maps of the terminals online and usually in the airline's magazine (if they haven't pulled those out of the seat pockets due to COVID).  

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    As long as you can read, there's no good reason to get lost in an airport. If your arriving flight is one time, you have half an hour to get to the next flight before they even start to board. That's 20 minutes more than you need in most airports.

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    If you were ticketed on a single airline, the ticket seller (e.g., the airline or a travel agency) takes into consideration the amount of layover a passenger needs to safely make the next flight.  My point, if you were sold a one stop connection ticket on the same airline, then it's understood that the seller thinks 1 hr is long enough to make the next leg of your flight.

    If you made all the arrangements yourself, then I'd suspect that 1 hour in one of the largest flight hubs in the world would not be enough.  I'm assuming O'Hare; if you're flying through Midway, disregard this answer.

    I'm a seasoned air traveler, both domestic and international.  When I book my own flights, which I always do, I look for a two-hour layover between domestic connections and a three-hour layover for international connections.  Clearly I don't always get that amount of time, but that's what I shoot for when I'm planning my flights.

    I know you didn't ask, but if you do book our own flight I recommend using to do the booking.  It is an easy to use software that actually warns you if it thinks you didn't allow enough time to make a connecting flight.

  • Rick
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    5 months ago

    look-up the floor plan of the airport where you will be transferring, print-it-out and take it with you so you know where you are going in advance .............

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