Help recognizing a nordic TV Series?

I ran into a mid series episode before, and was very intrigued by it and would like to watch the entire series. But I couldn't find my history or recall what it was called. Hoping someone can help recognize pieces of the plot.

- I believe it was Nordic. But if not I know it's a European Series

- The plot that I saw was that a passenger ship/ferry was hijacked and taken hostage by a group of terrorist. Then the government sent a police raid team by helicopter during the day. They found the civilians and ship crew all tied up but unharmed, but the terrorists were nowhere to be found. So they realized that this was just a distraction, and they're plotting something elsewhere. 

- It's not "Below the Surface" or "Gidseltagningen"

Hope someone can help me with this?

Thank you in advance!!

2 Answers

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