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Why do I always get a big stomach ache after eating any Indian or Ethiopian food?

I always enjoyed both types of food for years until the stomach pain started about 4 years ago and it never fails. I can eat spicy mexican food with no issues. I have no common intolerances of any kind. Is there some spice that these two cuisines use in most of their dishes but most other cuisines don’t? How best can I still be able to enjoy these delicious foods?


edit: I can eat turmeric, it’s not that. 

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    Allergy and sensitivity to foods can developed even if you never had any as a child or young adult.  It is actually a common occurrence for many people to develop sensitivity (or as you call it, intolerances) to certain spice with age.

    One way you can find out if it is the spice is to consume something with fat during and after eating Indian and Ethiopian foods. Something like whole milk or a yogurt drink (regular not nonfat). In fact, there is even an Indian drink called, Lassi (sometimes spelled, Lahsi) that is a yogurt based drink (get the sweet ones because the other kind is an acquired taste). The active ingredient of spice that gives it that hot sensation is capsaicin and it  is fat soluble meaning fat breaks it down. This is why drinking water does nothing to alleviate hot spice because capsaicin is not water soluble.

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    Turmeric is the only different ingredient used in all Asian style cuisine. It could be the problem.

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    When I eat Indian food, I usually have a glass of milk with it, it seems to help with the spiciness and with digestion.

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    You may be sensitive to, or intolerant to one or more of the ingredients or seasonings used. Find out what ingredients these dishes have in common, but you don't use elsewhere.   

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  • 2 months ago

    Research what is in the dishes that cause you problems. It sounds like you have an insensitivity to some of the ingredients. I would have thought ulcer but that would be bothered by the Mexican food as well. 

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    It's because you gorge yourself and make a pig of yourself. Eat with restraint, enjoy your food but savour it, don't just ram it down.

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    It could be turmeric. I just found out that turmeric can be very upsetting to some people's stomachs, although it's very good in other ways. It's used in almost all Indian dishes and in many Asian and African cuisine. You might try making some recipes from one of those cuisines without the turmeric and see if it has the same effect. 

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