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When a vaccine is available for the coronavirus will it be 100% effective?

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    Testing is still in phase 3, they have to check for effectiveness, safety, side effects.  If it is deemed to be safe and effective for 90% of the population it will be ready for distribution.  For some people it will cause side effects, and possible death.  Much less than being infected but this is how it works

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    No.  But vaccines aren't 100% effective.  The seasonal flu vaccine is usually abut 75% effective.  That's good enough.  Even a 50% or so effectiveness for a covid vaccine might be effective.  Remember, we don't have to totally eliminate covid, just keep it down to a level where it's not disrupting our society.  We've got a flu vaccine for example, but there's still people who get the flu every year.  And yet we don't shut down our whole economy and lifestyle because of the flu.  That's because we've got it under control.  We know that if someone with the flu goes to a restaurant, or a store, or a movie theater that it won't turn into this horrific super spreader event where tons of people become infected.  That's what we're looking for with covid.  The disease is going to be with us for the long haul.  But we want it at a level where it's something we can handle 

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    Since I am learning about health for around a decade and already know how industry and effects are working, I  can say that the effectiveness of vaccines are mostly 2% and harm to the body is 98% - nearly all diseases today are due to vaccines. 

    Feel free to make your own research. 

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    When a vaccine is available, it will be generally safe. But there is no vaccine that is perfect. There will always be some side effects.

    For example, in the winter of 1976, thousands of Americans who received the swine flu vaccination ended up with a neurological disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome.

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