Is it best to share religious traditional decor or avoid it?

Whenever I've had dorm mates in the past, we haven't shared similar religious views so neither of us would hang things up during our respective holidays that way we wouldn't be forcing the other to indulge in it. I'm moving into an apartment for the first time and I'll have 3 other roommates, is it best I ask that we reserve decor to our seperate rooms if we're not all the same religion or should we be openly sharing? I was thinking that by keeping to ourselves, we avoid forcing each other to live in an environment that focuses on beliefs the other may not practice, but then I thought about how coexisting is important as well. But it's also going to be our living area, so I'm not sure what to do in that regard.

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  • 4 months ago
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    It's best to discuss the issue with your roommates and establish a policy of either all of you displaying your respective religious decor in the common area or none of you doing it.  If the vote is none, you're still free to decorate your room as you choose.

    Don't mind J.  She "will always find some excuse" to present her deluded views.

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  • If you're friends, I don't see this atheist concern of yours? Friendship is one thing, religion is another! If then, if you want to isolate yourself, because you don't want to have religious relations, look for a single room, and the problem is solved.

  • 4 months ago

    I definitely do NOT think you should just be hanging up religious décor in a shared living area. I think you've basically got two choices: either, you can keep said décor to yourself, and your own room. Which is a pretty good solution, and likely the one I would go for. OR..? You can ask all your roommates: "this piece of décor, here, really means something special to me. Would you be okay with it if I placed it in our shared living area?" Which.. if they're all fine with it, then go ahead. But if at least one of them does NOT seem to be fine with it? Then.. respect that, and just don't!

    If you're all the same religion, probably it won't be an issue. And if you also have roommates that are VERY wishy-washy, apathetic and accepting agnostic atheists, who just plain don't care, one way or the other? Or that are even members of a different religion, but still 100% cool with other religions, including yours? Then.. most likely, it won't be a problem. But if at least one of them is somewhat opposed to your religion, to the point of NOT being okay with constant exposure to its religious symbols? Then.. you've just got to accept that. I personally profoundly dislike Christianity, for instance, and would NOT be okay with having a big cross in my living room! Although you could totally keep one in your own personal bedroom, no problem.

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    4 months ago

    The religious will always find some excuse to raise hell with you over something.

    That is best left to the nutters who participate in it.

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