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I brought a $50 Net10 data plan from Walmart and Net10 only gave me $20 worth of data?

I was online and then my device just stopped working.  When I tried to buy more data online a message said "invalid" and "unauthorized."  I called Net10 and they started calling their legal department and saying that I used too much data and that I went over my limit and my device was at risk assessment.  I don't know how this happened but they told me I had to go get a plan from another place like Walmart to activate my account.  So I brought a $50 plan with 10GB and when I called Net10 and gave them the code they only gave me a $20 plan with 2GB.  Why can't they handle data right?  I check the data status online and it seems okay.  I have no idea why they gave me less data than I purchased or how I somehow went over the data limit.

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  • Olive
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    2 months ago

    Yea rip off. Switch your phone over to Straight Talk with a Sim Card Kit and get one their unlimited plans. For $55 bucks youd get high speed unlimited for 30 days straight

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