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Why do I not feel satisfaction when I reach my goals?

I notice a common trend in my life: I have a goal, I work hard to get it, I finally get it, but I'm not satisfied? I always feel guilty for some reason? I'm honestly not sure why. A recent example: I asked my mom for a long time to get me a gift I wanted for my upcoming birthday and I even did extra chores for her and helped her in any way I could, and when she said yes today after weeks of asking, I felt as if the gift I had really wanted just moments ago wouldn't make me happy anymore. What the heck is going on with me? It seems the more effort I put into something, the less happy I am when I finally get it. Like when I studied REALLY hard for an important test, I got a perfect score, but I wasn't happy in the end. I'm not sure why. Or when there was this essay march madness competition at school that I wanted to win for extra credit, and I won, but I wasn't happy. However, when I do things on a whim, like buy something I think is cool at first sight, I feel fine? Or when I BS an assignment and get a decent grade, I also feel better. I thought working hard for your goals gives you more satisfaction, but it doesn't for me?


For $ummertime, how can I be greedy if by the end of it I don't want it anymore. I think that would be the opposite..?

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    This is the thing.....most of us are taught to look to externals for our happiness.  We are taught our external accomplishments, financial success, accumulating "stuff", all the things our society deems "success", are goals that will ensure our happiness.

    If that was the case, people we traditionally label "successful", those that reach the pinnacle of their professions would be the happiest among us.  We know that's not true.

    True satisfaction/happiness/joy comes from within.  Its your inner space you need to work on.  That doesn't mean giving on accomplishing goals YOU deem are important, it just means realizing true happiness always lies within so that no matter what is going on outside yourself (most of which we really can't control as much as we would like to believe we can), you are at peace.

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    Maybe you are greedy and want more.

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