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How do you go forward asking women for sex ,what should the conversation be about ?

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  • ?
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    5 months ago

    In a committed, loving, stable relationship it should hardly be an issue.    Women are not just sex toys for men

  • 5 months ago

    If you're not interested in a girlfriend but just "casual dating" then put that out there.  "Casual dating" is about sex (at least, to people who have a thinking brain).  

    don't come out and say "i want sex" or ask a girl for sex, unless you're stupid.  Maybe you are?

  • 5 months ago

    how much she charges...................

  • David
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    5 months ago


    At first, that had to be the funniest question I have read in like, forever.  Talk about clueless.  But then, I realized, there are two ways to look at it.  So it's not really that stupid.

    On the one hand...if you are man with "game" at all, you never EVER talk about sex.  You just let it happen.  All women above the age of roughly 14 all know the game.  They don't need an umpire to scream "play ball!"  You as a man do not need to drop hints.  You just need to arrange to be alone with her in a situation where she feels comfortable to let her hair down.  Then she will get very aggressive with you, and you respond in kind.  

    On the other hand...if you are just looking for sex, then you don't really need game for that.  And you can get sex with conversation.  Here's how it works.  If you are a man who is at least average looking (meaning, your looks aren't enough to make women run away screaming)...

    You walk into any bar.  Approach ten different random women that you think you might want to have sex with.  For each of the women you approach, the FIRST words out of your mouth should be, "Want to f*ck???"  Ask that question with a straight face.  Here's what happens.  5 of the women will probably throw their drink in your face.  Another two will laugh, thinking that you are joking.  Another two will be disgusted and tell you to go F yourself.  But that last one will say "SURE" and be happy to follow you out of the bar...

    It is a pure numbers game.  1 out of every 10 women in a bar is looking to get laid quick and she's not too picky about who.  SO if you offer her an easy, quick are the one.   1 in 10.  If there's enough women in the bar, you shouldn't have to spend more than about 20 minutes looking for sex, and you don't even need to buy any drinks...

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