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Why can't I process reality?

After my bf broke up with me (he's going to therapy for some trauma he's been through recently that he feels like is keeping him from being emotionally open), it felt like the room was made of black and white goop that was growing and expanding and moving. I've never had motion sickness but it felt like that. I couldn't get a grip on what was there. I could feel the room but I couldn't process it. I don't understand. I'm an artist and I've had a similar feeling two times before but I don't think anything triggered it, it was like the opposite of art block, my brain kept coming up with character ideas and imagining things when I just wanted to lay down or sleep. It makes me feel sick and I can't go to sleep, I have to wait for exhaustion to force me to sleep when this happens. I tried talking to my mom about it but she doesn't get it. Is there a reason? Does this happen to other people?

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    No it does not happen to other people. Possibly you are gifted or empathetic. Both are very rare.  It is more common in women.  You said you had a BF but never said gender.  The woman I've worked with described it similar when they were 16-24.

    You left out details, facts, patterns, history, information and diagnose.  You said this happened before - how has the other XX years of your life been any other patterns, concerns or negative things?  Do you have issues with others socially?   How do you want us to help when you only give a few sentences.  

    Possibly your BF was exploiting and using you.  Somewhere inside while you did not want to accept or believe this you knew it was true - you might have felt it for a long time but kept ignoring it.  Finally realizing that he had been using/lying to you for so long could have been awful. It is not ok people do this.  The fact your mom won't help does not make sense either - does she know him?

    I work with women with C-PTSD; PTSD, BPD, BP, and other things a few were gifted.  It is difficult and scary.

    I have no idea whats going on with you.  YOu did not tell us enough. But if you want to talk email only:

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