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Germophobe only with food ?

Is there a word for this ?? I'm only germophobic when it comes to food consumption and preparation. My husband and I mostly use our own dishes. I'm pretty untrusting with restuarants too. If my husband hovers in the kitchen while I'm cooking I freak out about it, if someone is getting too close to me talking at me while I'm eating I get really grossed out..etc. BUT when food and eating isn't involved I'm not germophobic anymore. 


Examples: If someone spits while talking in my already cooked food and it isn't someone I kiss . . That's sick. If someone with dandruff walks by and I see white flakes fall into my food. . you people are gross as **** if you think this stuff makes me mental for not eating.

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    Cooking kills most of the germs,  there are more germs around in living spaces, can't truly avoid them.

    Learn to live with them, they actually do you good by building immunity.

  • kswck2
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    2 months ago

    Cibophobia is the correct term, but it also takes into account a fear of chocking on food. 

    But the layman's term for it is that 'you are just Nuts'. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You're a troll - you don't kiss your husband, sleep in the same bed? Same germs - WTF.

    Yes there is a name for it - Mental

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