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Can ex’s be friends at least in this case? ?

Ex and I broke up due to him having a lot of other factors emotionally such as an ex of 5 years having cancer.

We broke things off.. but recently reconnected as friends. 

Some days I feel like he just talks to me still cause he views me as a friend only? But maybe that’s because how I’ve been feeling since I have been dumped. 

Do you think we could only be friends? Or there might be more.... he reaches out a lot and shows he cares about me. But he’s genuinely a good person.


He’ll do things such as ask me where I’m headed all dolled up. 

Or to text him when I get home safely. 

Idk if he’s lost feelings and enjoys having another girl to text or if he genuinely cares and likes me still. Any thoughts?

Update 2:

He’s not the one with cancer. A girl he dated before me for 5 years got cancer. They broke up a year before we started dating.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    if you can't handle being friends, please let him know. it's not good to be miserable and hoping for something more when it's already over. he cares for you as a friend,  that much i can tell. and that's not a bad thing

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Just friends.

    Cancer patients focus more on their trauma than anything else.

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