Why am I considered evil for denying the Holocaust ?

It didn’t happen. The idea that 6 million Jews were lined up shoulder to shoulder inside an air-tight gas chamber 1,000-2,000 at a time and then gassed by SS guards is just absurd on its face. 

It’s much more likely they died of Typhus. 


It just reeks of outrageous Soviet Propaganda 

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    Try cholera.   That is the disease that caused most of the deaths. Even when dead the body is contagious. Even if buried in a shallow grave the disease migrates to the surface.  Medications at the time were only Sulfa drugs. so the only other treatment was burning the bodies...to eliminate the disease. The oven were there.  "My mom saw them" and she is still alive. She got Typhus and survived that.

    . Typhus did also happen. That is from body lice from unwashed bodies so the bug jumps from body to body "Tagging everybody as it hopped" as it jumps into the hair and clothing. Too many people too close together.

    . Allied propaganda as the Soviets were fighting with the West against Germany. The British put out their own propaganda. So did the U.S.

    . After the reconstruction of Auschwitz the Soviets left a plaque that said 4 million died.

    When you really dig into it you find a bunch of stuff that just don't jive with the "story". It is a  made up "fantasy story".  You will find references to say 12 million died, and that was halved to 6 million.  The number continues to go down.

    Find out what the Holocaust deniers are saying.  It is interesting.

    ["Holocaust" is a word invented by the Jews in 1965] and somehow it only applies to the Jews. Not the other unwanted peoples...Romanians, Polish,Hungarians, hobo's, etc.

    Just because you are interested, you need to do the research.  The Jews have control of TV and magazines and newspapers and publishing houses...so what they say is the truth? NOT LIKELY.  Because of this "story" Israel gets Millions of dollars every year from Germany.  They are not about to kill that cow.

    . Fortunately they cannot control the Internet.

    . Hitler was taught this about the Jews when he was a kid in Grade school(before WW1)  So it has been known a long time that Jews were a PROBLEM peoples.

    (any people that can psss off their "imaginary God" for that God to kick them out of their land of birth - yeah then they are not ANGELS. IMO

    Keep up the research, realizing that the Jews are destroying any narritive that clashes with the one they are proposing is the truth.

    Never has there been a war with so much MUDDIED WATERS....than this one.

    AND YEAH, MY MOM LIVED THROUGH WW2, was at the gates of Auschwitz and was pushed away by a German soldier(because they thought my mom & family were German so were not to enter).  My mom saw the OVENS and only the ovens. There was no gas chambers. She remembers much as she was 15 at the time. That was in 1943.  Her mind is still sharp as a razor.

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    Because it IS evil to think that Hitler did not do that to the Jews. At the end of WWII, there are plenty of newsfilms depicting the discovery of dead bodies and emaciated survivors; mounds of old shoes at encampment sites; and the stories from living survivors. Photoshop did not exist in the 1940's and '50's, and survivors today (the few of them left) still bear the numbered tattoo on their forearms. History has correctly reported on these atrocities. Jews, gays, criminals, and all their sympathizers were exterminated from Hitler's "Master Race." You are living in denial of the truth, in spite of mountains of evidence. 

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    Because that’s just evil

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    In many places it's a criminal offence to deny the Holocaust.  It did happen.  I've known people who were Jewish and lived in Germany at the time, and also ethnically German citizens involved in the War and bureaucracy.  On the latter side, they dealt with paperwork involving the delivery of equipment used for gas chambers to remote areas and on the former they seemed to have one heck of a lot of dead relatives.  I'm answering your question but it's also my duty to report it.

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    You deny historical reality

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    Because it's real. Nazis kept meticulous records of their atrocities. There are survivors of the Holocaust both those who committed and those who survived it who have told what they have done/lived through. Six million were not all murdered at once and you're a fool if that's how you think it happened. Many were forced to dig their own mass grave, line up in it, and were shot to death. Millions.

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    YOU are a moron and YOUR ALSO A

    A TROLL..

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    None of us were there so of course none of us can say from our own knowledge that it did or didn't happen. But historians and survivors have confirmed that it did so unless you can show absolute proof NOT OPINION that it didn't then you may not be evil but you just come off as stupid for denying that it happened. 

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    What is evil is to purposely forget or deny the facts of 75 or more years ago.  That may set up for it to happen again.

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    Random Canyon told you erroneously that Hitler suicided and that his corpse was burned in the mud. In fact his purported Skull was recently tested and is a woman's skull. The furnace room in the Bunker has a ladder leading up to the street level as well as several tunnels in fact.  Many of Nazi High Command faked their own deaths and von Altenstadt, who faked his also, arranged for their escape "Unser Weg Zur Meer" which was u-boats along the 32nd meridian or through Milan like Maria Orschitsch. Hitler had u-boat landings under the river in Berlin and an aeroplane standing by to fly him to Spain. Despite the arm injured in the 26th assassination attempt by his own officers, he made it to Argentina. My grandfather was a real Nazi in the real Third Reich and he had personally drowned thousands of Jews at Kamenets and was proud. He always said there was a Holocaust and it seems to be an American wannabe stance to take, to be a denier.

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