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Why am I so different from other guys?

I feel so tired and don't feel like doing anything. A girl I like and I am in love with always makes time to see me and I like her so much but this contrasts with my lack of enthusiasm because somehow I am not feeling feelings the way I should. Due to my job I am for a long time away and having seen many life situations (extreme poverty to human trafficking) I feel like I am unable to feel love. I often have dreams about the poor kids I meet or about the desperate women I try to help. I really like this girl, but I also can't talk to her about it, I never tried to kiss her because of my tiredness and my mind always being tired. I don't know what's wrong with me. I like my job. I stroved so hard to get it, studied so much, did all the physical training, like the place and the sea I am working at. Yet I feel like nobody understands me and every week after I get back it feels like I am so far away from people and that I am missing many things. 

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    Just lazy I suppose........

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