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  • I think you got the wrong channel. Did you have to go into pop music?

  • 2 months ago

    I do NOT like this song as it is performed here. 

    - EVERYTHING is louder than the vocals. 

    - The snare drum is too loud and entirely inconsistent. 

    - The instruments that are being simulated 

       by keyboard(s) 'sound' accurate enough, 

       but are being played with the inflections of 

       a keyboard rather than with any sense of 

       their own dynamics. 

       (The only thing that is audibly reasonable 

       is the added vibrato on the trumpet sound)

    Conclusion: As often happens, the person mixing/arranging 

    a piece like this understands every nuance of what is going on. 

    Based on the sound & balance of this recording, nobody else will.

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