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What happens to instagram fitness models after they get old and useless?

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    2 months ago
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    They continue to Photoshop to hide that fact from their subscribers, of course!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Fillers (we all know they are in love with them) and liposuction probably. But all that modifying can only do so much so unless they have a degree or any sort of other qualification behind them I’m guessing they will just work at fast food restaurants 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    They are probably enjoying their youths and making the most of their opportunities. Fitness models probably have a fitness certificate, or an outside job, and even a boyfriend who she will eventually marry and have kids with. Then she will progress into the next phase of her life and be in a loving marriage and be a happy mother. She will probably find more joy, happiness and fulfillment in being a mother and will probably be posting her new kids on the IG account. 

    although you men think women “hit the wall” and become miserable and useless, they actually just grow up healthily into their next phase of life and produce and family and fulfill their natural maternal instincts and have babies. And find a healthy loving man who respects women, and not you degenerate incels who think women hit this mythical wall that doesn’t exist and live their lives as miserable as you do. They won’t be hateful and spread their hate all over the internet like you incels and misogynists doesn’t who are dying to get a girlfriend and have meaningful sexual relations but cannot. 

    Oh and fit people are generally happy And healthy people who attract other happy And healthy people Into their lives.. 

    I suggest you get yourself into health and fitness and maybe, just maybe you can be the guy that marries the hot fitness model and ends up with a happy life and beautiful family. 

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