4 Ways to Use Your Trials to Help Others?

Too often the trend in our society is for people to be separated from either other, to be cut off from the great mass of humanity, and in doing so to be dehumanized a little bit more with each step.

If there is one true thing about life, it’s that everyone is suffering. No one is immune to it – from the wealthiest of men to that homeless guy huddled in a street corner. It comes in various forms and degrees, and we all have our own ways of hiding it.

Trials and sufferings are also God’s way of pulling us closer to him. Because if life is all sunshine and rainbows, would we still remember to call unto him? Will we be able to appreciate his blessings if we didn’t experience hardships?

But trials do not just strengthen our relationship with God. It’s also an opportunity to help others who are fighting battles of their own. 

Here are the four ways you can use your trials to help others: https://ofhsoupkitchen.org/using-your-trials-to-he...

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