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Only losing very small amounts of weight?


I started calorie counting and in the first two weeks lost 7lbs which was great! Since then however I’ve only lost half pounds a week and sometimes even as low as 0.25lbs a week does anyone have ideas of what this could be and what I could do?

I’m in calorie deficit and try to go for a walk in the evening I’m wondering whether I need to do more intense cardio? I currently work a desk job so am limited for the amount I move around in the day


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    The slower you lose, the more likely you will be too keep it off long term. Seven lbs of fat in 2 wks is too high actually, but chances are some of that weight was water weight (which is fine). 


    What you eat is 80% of what controls your weight. Make sure your calorie deficit isn't too extreme, because you don't want to lose muscle (which is what happens when people drop their calories too low, in an effort to lose weight 'fast').


    This calculator can help you determine what your calorie intake should be for fat loss at a healthy rate. Also realize that as your weight or activity level changes, your calorie needs change (so if you eat "X" amount of calories today and you drop 10 lbs as time goes on, you'll need to adjust your calorie intake or you'll hit plateau because the # of calories that was giving you a deficit will become the # that your body needs for weight maintenance, at a lower weight. 

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    Either reduce calories or increase exercise or just keep doing what you are doing because you are losing weight and slow weight loss is a good thing.

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    This kinda happened to me too like i lost a lot of pounds and then i didn't at all and then i kinda lost again so i think it's just the amount of calories you eat and how much you exercise.

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    You just need to stick with it and make sure that there aren't calories "sneaking" in. There are definitely plateaus in weight loss so you just have to grind through them. Moving around more can definitely help as it serves benefits of more calories burned, higher metabolism, and distraction from being hungry.

    Don't let this discourage you. Keep on, you are doing great.

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