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How difficult is Human Anatomy and Physiology in college? ?

I need to take one more science class before earning my associates in arts degree, and I am currently debating between taking Human Anatomy & Physiology, or Environmental Biology.  I have heard a few people say that Human Anatomy & Physiology is pretty hard and requires a lot of memorization which is somewhat daunting, but I find myself interested in the topic of the Human body. Whereas, the Environmental Biology class is known to be a little easier/less heavy, but I am slightly less interested in Environmental Biology.  One side of me wants to take the human anatomy & Physiology class due to my interest in it and wanting to challenge myself,  but another side of me wants to take the Environmental Biology class because I feel like that will give me less headaches in the long run. Any opinions or advice on the matter?  

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    Honestly, I preferred Zoology more than Anatomy and Physiology. In A and P we learn about the body the different systems, which is interesting. However, I loved zoology because you learn about animals that aren't visible to the naked eye. I believe my professor said 2% of animals are visible, the other percent are invisible to the naked. Both require memorization. If you like science, I would take A and P, because it's more serious. If you are looking for a fun and exciting class that's really visual, I would take Environmental.

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    There is no right answer to this question. It all depends on the particular course and who is teaching it. I've taught both - -  actually separate courses in human anatomy and in human physiology and I think my students enjoyed my course in environmental biology more. However, it was pitched at zoology majors and required some prerequisites that you probably don't have. When I taught environmental science for non-majors, it was nowhere near as much fun - - no labs, no field trips, just lectures. What can I say? Zoologists like playing in the mud.

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    It would probably be easiest if you take introductory biology, if you have not taken it already. Human physiology is not that hard, but anatomy does require a lot of memorization as to what many bones and muscles are called, and the names are derived from Latin. It is not much fun. Environmental biology is easier and more fun. Another alternative may be physical anthropology which deals with human evolution. It is perhaps the most fun and easiest course. Introductory zoology may also be fun and easy.  Astronomy is probably easier than anatomy also. 

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