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How long before my dog's nail stops bleeding?

It's been 2 hours and it's stopped bleeding two times, but it bleeds again after awhile. I've applied baking soda since that's all we have, and with the quarantine here, I can't go outside and buy styptic powder or anything else right now.

I can't wrap it because he gets aggressive when I hold his leg for too long(the reason why I cut it too far by accident in the first place) 

He seems exactly the same and he didn't cry or anything even when I cut it, but it's a lot of blood imo.I'm wondering if it'll stop on it's own and when? Is he gonna be okay? Is there anything else I can do? 


The closest vet we have lives on the neighboring city. We can't pass there because of the city quarantine.

I just want to know what I can do RIGHT NOW.

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  • 3 months ago

    I would have put it in flour a long time ago and hope it stops, or call a vet and ask for advise.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You need to know what you can do RIGHT NOW?  (The caps are yours.)

    You can't go outside?  Then find someone who can, someone who will bring styptic powder to you.

    My Vet's Assistant cut my dog's nail too close, it infected, my dog ended up having serious surgery.

    So it's the dog's fault that you cut the nail to close and caused injury?  Interesting.

  • Maxi
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    3 months ago

    Cup your hand and pour some styptic powder or cornstarch (with or without baking soda) into the palm. Gently dip the dog's bleeding nail into the powder, repeating if the bleeding doesn't come to an immediate stop. Don't wipe away the blood before dipping because it will aid coagulation.

  • 3 months ago

    If I ever catch the quick I use a cotton wool ball and hold it to the bleed, or use a human plaster.  I'd be concerned about a bleeding disorder if it doesn't stop - only too often an owner finds out about von Willibrands for eg., when a quick is caught, or abnormal bleeding when teething.

    I'd phone the vet, even if you can't get to him - and take his advice.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    u should be able to go to an emergency vet. I am sure u would not be  fined etc. Maybe see if a vet will come to you. I don't think u should cut his nails again. Maybe when u walk him walk part of the way on a cement surface to keep the nails short

  • 3 months ago

    STOP using a cutter.   Get a Dremel tool and use the little half inch sanding cylinders.  You hold each toe and slowly grind down the nail.   You are far less likely to cut too far and cause them to bleed.    Do it ever 2-3 weeks a little at a time.    You can use the Dremel tool for all kinds of things too.  

  • 3 months ago

    Unless your dog is a hemophiliac, it should stop bleeding. Blood coagulates when it’s exposed to air. 

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