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If the trash dump gets too full then what?!??!?!?

Those huge hills made of trash are pure bacteria so its only a matter o time before the idea of making mini mountains o it effect our health or way o green living wouldn't ya say laddies? Why not incinerate the heaps o trash or decide to stow it all in one country an keep it there?

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    Okay. How about we incinerate all the trash just upwind of your house. Or landfill it in your neighborhood? There are no perfect solutions; we do the best we can.

    When I was working on an urban development in Yemen, one of the planners decided that the landfill for Al Hodeidah should be located just upwind of the city and near the shore of the Red Sea. I pointed out that salt water and garbage result in a very nasty smell, one which would spread through the city (the main port). The proposed landfill was moved inland. I can't blame the planner for not knowing the effects of saltwater intrusion but we all were warned about the fish-processing plant that was built there. The smell was so bad, the plant was closed. Unfortunately, you can't stop a landfill from oozing noxious gas by closing it.

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