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Were young people in the old days better behaved because they had harsher punishments back then ?

Mostly the young adults are rebellious today because they dont have much to fear. The common punishment you get today when you screw up is thrown in jail for few months or get shot. But back in the older days you either get beaten up bad, or you get harsh execution depending on what you did. I read some articles about history when guys got tied to a truck and have their legs smashed up with sludge hammers by a group of people until their bones popped out of their knee caps. Some people got locked in large tin cans who got lit on fire until death.  Nowadays that would be considered too cruel for the American Concepts. But doesn't that explain why people are more stubborn and rebellious? Mostly because they let them? 

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    The whole world mindset is rotting away now.   

    We have disobeyed God's laws so much, that we all have hardened consciences.   I can remember when saying a curse word was shocking and unacceptable.   I can remember when people who had sex outside marriage were considered bad people.   Now we all back each other up, in our rebellion against God.   

    Children don't get the immediate and personal discipline that we used to have.  My mom was there 24/7.   I can't imagine breaking rules, she would be right on top of that.  Since both parents work now, there is no one keeping order at home.   Kids aren't being taught the Christian values that would make them a good person.

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    2 months ago

    yes, today there is no law, no parenting and blacks.

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