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Please explain what 'Whether that.....' means?

"Wear ballet attire, whether that is a leotard and tights, skirt or costume. Please no warm ups or baggy clothes to keep the video looking neat"

I understand at least 'baggy clothes' are not allowed.  Then for example' tight shirt & shorts' is ok?

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    Wear ballet attire such as a leotard and tights. Acceptable ballet attire might also be a costume or skirt. In order to keep the video looking neat, please don't wear warm ups or baggy clothes. 

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    My interpretation would be if you're a male dancer you should wear a white shirt and black/grey tights, but if you're a female dancer you should be wearing a solid color leotard and pink/skin tone tights. It seems that its asking for traditional ballet attire whether that be in classroom dress code or in a stage tutu. 

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