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How do I get people to realize my sister is the bad one and not me?

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    Have you ever noticed that the more you try to "get someone to realize" something, the less they seem to listen? The more they seem to find you are the one with a problem?

    Part of this is instinctively, we don't want to aid and abet rivalry or meanness, even if it's clear the other person is actually doing something wrong. I can say this as a human being, not just a parent, sister, cousin, coworker, etc. We hear someone complaining repetitively about someone else and start to tune it out or try to advise them to figure out a way to get along. We don't want to encourage mean or petty behavior done back to someone else. Especially not when it's something that can be resolved by living more peaceably with one another, respecting differences.

    You might not be doing something mean or petty though. And they might be doing something really bad. :( So maybe you're just quietly putting up with something and then going to ask for help. How you can get them to help you is to tell them the whole truth, including how it makes you feel that this is happening. If your sister is doing a bad action that you're getting blamed for, for example. Tell them.

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    Sibling rivalry is something that's going to affect us all one day despite our best wishes declaring otherwise! However, rather than facing it with all guns blazing let your personality and behaviour speak for itself as opposed to attempting to force a matter clearly isn't the case as the usual suspect always get revealed and usually by themselves! I wish you the very best whatever you decide.  

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