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Why does my narcissistic mother refuse to ever admit that she’s wrong for what she’s done? ?

My narcissistic mother has robbed me of a proper childhood and adolescence because she had a strangle hold over my every move and thought, she also displayed her narcissistic abuse onto my dad who has now left my mother which was a year ago. She physically, verbally and mentally abused me and my father as well. 

And since my dad left my mom she’s dumped her narcissistic abuse onto my head and I ripped her a new one regarding her behavior in the last year. 

She’s a hypochondriac about everything, she throws it right back in my face when I call her out, she’s punched me in the face and has embarrassed the sh*t out of me on Facebook by posting a picture of me with a gash on my head and stitches. 

And today when I came up the stairs to grab a few things I hear her on the phone with one of her narcissistic enablers saying how she is baffled by the fact that my father had enough of her and how she needs an outlet and how she doesn’t know what she did to either of us to destroy her. 

She lives in denial about everything she’s ever done and refuses to admit that she’s wrong. 

Why can’t she just own up to her ****? 

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    We're in the same boat. Except my mother was never physically abusive but she was manipulative and she abused me emotionally and forced me to do things I didnt want. I ignore her now and I've moved out as soon as I hit 18. I was the scapegoat out of my sisters. My mom had favorites and encouraged us to hate each other and fight.

    The best thing to do is just leave. Narcissists will never admit to anything. They will always make an excuse and will always think they're right and you're wrong. Just leave her.

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    You are enabling her as well.  You have the proof, and you need to contact the police and press charges.  This is a wake up call.  You are not supposed to be tortured.

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    cause thats how they are, they dont like to admit theyre wrong

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