If yahoo remade Star Wars would "Look Trollstalker" be the hero?


you gave me the idea for this but it's not aimed at you, i admit the one on vega's question was aimed at you, I would resolve this but you can't let it go

Update 2:

BTW MAC the second TU was me

Update 3:

And i know Vega blocked me but so what? I don't like his questions anyway, and I blocked neither of you

Update 4:

Nobody is blocked by me, I'm aligning with no one and have not and will not accuse anyone anything I couldn't prove especially if you are going to accuse someone of a crime.

I believe everyone is entitled to speak as they wish (To a point)

I have no problem with Weasel other than what I see as his anger but that's my opinion.

But this has got out of hand mainly due to 

Update 5:

me having childish swipes at him in what I saw was just reward.

But the punishment should fit the crime and I went too far..

So I apologise to Weasel for that.

And hope it ends here for me at least.

I can't speak for anyone else as I'm not part of anything


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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    QUIT ARGUING, people. What's the matter with you all? Have some consideration for other users. Why don't you take it outside in the schoolyard and fight it out? Why can't you completely ignore each other? Is that so hard? Can you act like adults? 

    Do you know how childish and ridiculous you all sound?:  You blocked me! No, you blocked me first. No, you blocked ME first. You're a troll. You're a sock puppet. You don't have proof!!!

    This section is going downhill fast, and the regulars are going to leave if it doesn't stop soon. If I was running this site, both of you would be IP banned.

    Weasel posted: "Ya saw the POP question , right? all the trolls scattered like cockroaches, all their crap deleted or removed." ------ And just how many of your own multitude of questions and answers have been taken down in the past few days for violations? At least 20? You're not innocent, and you have a long history of getting into arguments and being rude with people on this site. You falsely accuse anonymous users of being trolls & sock puppets. You make accusations against users all the time without PROOF. Yet you get upset if someone posts something about you without PROOF. That's hypocritical of you. On any other site, you and the others causing disruption, drama & abuse would all be IP banned by now. 

    Can the 2 of you exchange email addresses or phone numbers to resolve this outside of yahoo? This isn't the place for your conflicts. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Be advised MJT209 that the condescending old mole Jedi Jan is affiliated with weasel.She kisses weasels smelly old azzhole on any opportunity that she can.Don't get sucked in by her bamboozling you her shame BS.She's just making an attempt to undermine you.(Do an answers search on her if you don't believe me)I'd be blocking her FOR SURE

  • 2 months ago

    So, are you encouraging blocking, harassment or both?  

    Answers is not for games or repeating any slander.  

    To clarify: so far as I know you have not done that, but you are aligning yourself with those who have.  I think you may be falling in their trap.  Perhaps they removed the offensive slander before Yahoo or you noticed.  Those that do that are beneath contempt and should have their accounts suspended.You say you are not joining a gang though.  Yet, do I have this correct that you have now unblocked the members you refer to or have you now blocked them?  Your recent posts, questions or answers appear a bit muddled.  Perhaps you should read over what you have written in the past few days.  Please consider if my answers are offensive in any way possible?   No they are not.  Just saying you appear a bit muddled and seem to be doing exactly what you say you are not.  Block me if you want; I don't take offence to that.  

  • polly
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Maybe this could be our new theme song to be sung In the same tune as AC/DC's T.N.T

    I like to call it T.S.T (Trump.Stalker.Trolls)

    The chorus refrain goes something like this.

    'Cause we're T.S.T down with the akubra blight.

    'Cause we're T.S.T & we'll win the fight.

    'Cause we're T.S.T level 4 users are still a power load.

    'Cause we're T.S.T watch weasels mind explode......

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  • Pronk
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Yes,yes,,let the hate flow,young Trollstalker..

    I force'see that Chew-block-ya would be a 

    popular co-star.

  • 2 months ago

    Now that comments have gone away, blocking is a brilliant solution. No more rodent droppings to tip-toe around. 

  • MJT209
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    not only that but i find your answer pretty good, you could win this

    the C3POP bit is very clever

    anoninny socks. confuses me though, I don't know what that means

    heres your problem, i know none of that and after 2 lines i get bored reading

    it's not my fight or problem

    my fight and my problem is caps lock, exclamation marks and multiple letters as in


    that's anger and shouting and it's why I bite back

    and you just called me a liar

    But I am telling you point blank.....OHHH!!!!! scary lol

    you don't give up do you LOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!

    Six digit points ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

    six digits on each hand is more like it

    Ban him first Anon he started it😜

    Nope got bored again, can't read that, take caps lock off, hold punctuation, and just 


    we can do this

    i promise you, no one makes my mind up for me and I'm in no gang of any kind, you have my word, I fell out with you for my own reasons but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed

    I only have 1 account too, I can't take anything down, when I've seen really bad things said, I report but unless others do it means nothing

    stop it and start again, if you don't i have to think you want this and i will step it up

    that's not a threat it's a game, a game i don't want but will play

    so it's your call Weasel

    fair enough you vega and shaun will be blocked, but others will still chase you

  • 2 months ago

    Yes and Darth anonymous troll would be his enemy!

  • 2 months ago

    Very good play on words there. I'm in.

  • 2 months ago

    they don't even get paid, lol

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