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Should I cancel wedding with my girlfriend?

We postponed our wedding because of Corona virus. Now that I had time to think about it, it seems to me like it's not a good idea. Especially now that I lost my job. So I'm thinking of cancelling the whole thing. The future doesn't look very bright for me. So I came to the logical reason that I should cancel. My only problem is that I love her and I'll probably love her forever. It sucks that I have to make this choice. 

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  • L
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    1 month ago

    YOU need to sit down with her and discuss this - especially since you still love her.

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Talk to her about postponing the wedding until you're on better financial footing. You don't have to give up the whole relationship. But money problems cause more divorces than anything else, so you're wise to recognize that having an income matters. 

  • sarah
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    1 month ago

    Just because the future doesn't look bright right now doesn't mean that it won't look bright six months or a year from now. If you truly love each other (and it seems to me like you do), that love isn't gonna go away just because you can't get married right now. However, I think this is a decision that you need to make TOGETHER, not one that needs to be made by you alone. Sit down and talk about your concerns and listen to any concerns that she might have, and then figure out where to go from there.

    I would definitely suggest finding another job as soon as possible. I'm not sure about where you live, but in my local area, there are still plenty of places hiring, especially places like grocery stores that are trying to get extra help so they can do more cleaning and whatnot. It may not be very glamorous work, but it's better than nothing until you can either go back to your old job or find something else.

  • A lot of couples are doing the same thing. You have to think about the health and safety of your guests and your selves. Also you're not earning any money so you will be in a lot of debt if you have to pay for a wedding. Covid has put lives on hold for a lot of people, but you should try to think that things will get better, try to be more positive.

    If you really have to get married, elope or have a very small wedding, preferably out doors. 

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  • Trish
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    2 months ago

    If you Love each other you should go through with the marriage.  If you're worried about the cost of the wedding then have a backyard or courthouse wedding with a family potluck reception.  I don't know if she already has an engagement ring 💍 but you can go to Walmart for the wedding ring a simple gold band is inexpensive there.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

     UM... For richer or poorer, sickness or health....... Lousey excuse for cold feet or the fact that someone might not actually be committed. Get married if you both--- BOTH--- really, really, want to. Dedication, faith and commitment are only some of the equation.

    Fidelity, honesty,  ..Gosh I could go on for evvvea !!!!!

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    Just put the wedding on hold. Don’t plan any thing for it right now.  

    You lost your job and are depressed. You are not in a place to be getting married at the moment. But things change. 

    Who knows what is going to happen in the next year.  You could be at a better job the end of next year. 

    You need to talk to her.

  • 2 months ago

    So if you love her... why is the wedding an issue?

    Perhaps assuming you're an adult, you could talk to her as an adult in an adult relationship about your fears, and your future together (the wedding is a one-day party; the marriage lasts the rest of your lives potentially)

  • 2 months ago

    You sound too immature to make a commitment. 

    Let's say you got married and then lost your job.....would that be cause for a divorce?

    Of course not.

    Just because you lost your job at this time does not mean you will never work again. Millions of people lose jobs and find new ones. And there lives were not ruined and they did not abandon love. Face it, you are not being honest with yourself and are using unemployment as an excuse not to get married. Otherwise, no man in his right mind would leave someone he truly loves "forever".Man up.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    soo canceling a wedding means you automatically can't love her now??

    and you're right, it's not a good idea. with the virus, postponing, no job.... it's very irresponsible to get married at a time like this. plus, can you imagine looking back at your wedding pictures and everyone is wearing a mask? not a very fun time...

    like, what is the big rush to get married? so push it back a bit! sh*t happens.

    i also don't understand why people get eloped right now and then have a wedding later in a year... that makes no sense. just wait until next year then! don't be desperate. do it right the first time. don't be so attached to a date...

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