I can't hear my voice from the recorded audio, please help me?

I have cyberlink powerdirector 12 and I use my microphone to record my voice with the audio. I now cannot hear my voice from the recorded audio, especially when hearing loud noises. Everything is plugged into my computer and the plug for my microphone is not damaged at all. I don't understand why I cannot hear my voice? Can somene help and tell me what I should do? Hopefully you can tell me what the problem is.

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    Well, your question is not very articulate but, assuming you have checked your jacks/connections are correct, your sound is turned UP on the speakers AND in t he control panel AND  the correct recording and speaker OPTIONS are correct ( windows settings for sound) then I DO believe that your microphone is too sensitive. Try adjusting the GAIN on the microphone settings. and turn DOWN the recording SOUND LEVEL. 

    ( you probably have 'recording sound level' set to HIGH, your microphone is super sensitive, turn DOWN it's volume. "especially when hearing loud noises" microphones CUT OUT when something is too loud in the background.

  • Enigma
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    try looking in your download or music file for the recorded file

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