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Are Mannequin Heads Strange Decor?

I wear a lot of wigs and I usually keep them in their original bags though I'd prefer to place them on a head to prevent tangles and maintain them more. I'm moving into a new apartment and thought it may be nice to have a shelf I can put mannequin heads in with the wigs. The only concern I have is if other ppl, more specifically my boyfriend, might find it strange? When I had a dorm mate last year, she'd be surprised to see my wig resting on my bed, and my other dorm mate a year before looked scared when she saw me setting my wig up. Wigs aren't strange in my family, especially since my mother had alopecia so I never thought it was something to be surprised by. I don't know if my bf knows I wear wigs, I know some men are put off by them but one day I'll have pink hair, the next day I have a  black bob and another day I'll have long black hair with purple highlights so he has to know there's something going on. Should I be worried he'll find it strange? Is this something I should be hiding away?

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  • 4 months ago

    No. Disembodied doll heads with cacti growing out the of the hollowed out skull cavity of each one is very creepy. And a collection of 200 of these is very creepy. And what I was surrounded by early today. Your wig stand heads are absolutely normal. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    There's no shame in wigs. If your hair color and style change day to day, surely your boyfriend knows those are wigs.

    I wouldn't decorate the living room with them, but they'd be fine on wig stands in a bedroom, and better cared for than in a bag.

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