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What is the definition of ground out?

"Barbarians do not make the rules," he ground out.

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  • 2 months ago

    In this example, it is not a case of "ground out" (which has a particular meaning as in extinguish a cigarette or in baseball), but a case of ground followed by a direction (out).  grind is to crunch things together, or the noise made when doing that.  a person can make grinding sounds when speaking, the voice is gravelly in sound (crackly a bit, squeezed out through the throat, and thus when a person is reluctantly speaking, they might grind out words because the one side of them is making them speak but inside they are fighting it and making the throat fight speaking.  They are speaking with tension.

    So, the person is only reluctantly saying what they say, and it shows in the voice.  It also can happen when a person is being mean or disdainful (again the idea is that the voice is changed from normal to send the message that this is not something that ought to need to be said and I am annoyed to have to say it).  The grinding is a result of tension, usually.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    To grind something out would be an activity that takes work and considerable effort. Applied to dialogue is odd word usage, at least with no context... haven't heard this. Is speaking requiring great effort from the character?

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